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Flock-Off Anti Perch Spikes by Combat Pest Control Services

Flock Off bird deterrents are UV-stabilised polycarbonate anti-perching devices which prevent large birds, such as feral pigeons, jackdaws, crows and most seagulls, from perching and roosting on building ledges, beams, pipes and ridge-tiles.

Flock-Off bird deterrents are one-piece constructions, so no assembly is required and no corrosion or rusting occurs.

Flock-Off bird deterrents are non-conductive. They will not interfere with electronic security systems, or radio signals and transmissions and, unlike metal spikes and wires, they will not attract lightning during thunder storms.

With over 40 years combined Pest Control experience, all service personnel are trained to the highest standard, maintaining a constant vigil for any update or changes within the industry. We have always focused on the tried and trusted methods, as in sourcing infestation, this still remains our No. 1 priority. Our prevention and proofing measures have proven to be the success of our pest management service. As founding Members of the Irish Pest Control Association it is our firm belief that strict guidelines should be maintained throughout the industry.


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